“An unconventional curriculum vitae”



We are two freelance designers who have been working in the graphics field for more than ten years.

Once we were drawing just for passion, now for profession. Because it’s nice to be able to do what you like. And we like to do it as freelancers, to choose and to have hands and mind free to give voice to our creativity.



Our education path, starting from elementary schools up to university and after, has always been intertwined in some way with the visual arts and design, even though the latter have not always been the protagonists.

Drawing has always been a part of our lives and, as often happens, in difficult times it has been a refuge to return to seeing things in the right dimension. Then you understand that the only way to be satisfied is to be able to do what you like.



The decision was simple: what we left behind was not very stimulating, while drawing was, and anything else didn’t matter.

Since that day we have not stopped creating and learning, and creating and learning … A continuum that pushes us to seek new stmuli every day that also come from people who have different needs and put us in front of new challenges with which to continually confront ourselves, to be able to create new and unique things, as every customer is for us.


What we will be happy to help you with, if you need, are customized graphics for logos, business cards, corporate identity, branding, symbols, typography, media icons and covers, banners, printables and much more … that fit your taste and needs.

Warm regards,